Qur’aan plugin for MS Word

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Did you know that you can easily get any verse or soora from Qur’an in beautiful Arabic text and paste it in to your word document ?  There is a fantastic plugin for Microsoft Word (almost any latest version ) by brother Mohamad Taufiq from Indonesia, that will let you chose any Aayah and it’s translation  and paste it in your document. Moreover it’s giving you a chance to paste it in Unicode or non-unicode characters. Which means, you can paste it in a Blog or Forum or any web related areas too.

Available English translations:  Muhsin Khan &  Yusuf Ali (lot of other translations available as separate add-ons)

Go grab it from here:



Arabic Course in English – For serious learners (Madinah Arabic)

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Few months back we discovered an excellent Arabic course for people who seriously want to learn Arabic. This might be an old resource for somebody but I though sharing this is useful anyhow. The major purpose of the course is  to understand the Qura’an by learning it’s language. You can find the links for the Arabic text books (Part 1 to Part 3) written by Dr.V.Abdur Raheem ( Professor, Madeena University) as well as the video sessions DVD links for download. Find these in the following URLs:

http://www.kalamullah.com/learning-arabic.html (you can download the PDF books, Handouts and English keys from here)

http://www.lqtoronto.com/videodl.html (They have hosted the course videos in archive.org and posted the links here)


Introduction to path to victory

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Assalamu’alaykum warahamthullah,

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I’ve started this blog just to share any authentic & useful Islamic resources we might find. I’ll update this whenever I come across any of such stuffs. I kindly request you to get registered in the site and upload things when possible. Brothers /Sisters can even comment on those resources about their authenticity or other matters related to the particular post. Hope this can be a good gathering point to our online resources or downloadable  contents.

Jazakumullah Khairan.
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