Ar-Raheeq Al Makhtoom In Tamil (MP3 Audio & PDF)



Another excellent resource for you brothers / Sisters. I found Tamil MP3 version of Raheeq Al Makhtoom (An awarded history book about Muhammed PBUH) online for downloading. I personally have this audio book and enjoyed very much the reader’s involvement and clarity. so, here I present you the same and highly recommend you should listen to this. We can learn plenty of things from seera of Rasool PBUH.

Find the mp3 download links in the below URL.

Part I :

Part II :

(Downloadable links)

Full 1.4 GB file downloadable from (MP3 audio files in single zip file)

Single mp3 files also can be downloaded from

And if you are a person who like to read online or a printed hard copy than the audio, then you can grab the Raheeq in PDF documents from following link. (You can read online from Scribd and download the PDF)

Another link here:


English version online:

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Link of PDF file for Urdu version:


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Find the English narration of Raheeq-Al-Maqhthoom in Youtube here: 

Urdu other ebook versions (epub, pdf, kindle):

Al-Quraan Audio Book in English

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I found a great resource for Muslims & Non-Muslims who want to read Quran but find only little time for that. This is an Audio book which you can download it to your iPod or any MP3 player and listen while you drive or travel. I listened to it and the clarity is very good. For those who wants to learn about the source of this translation, this is the audio version of  “The Koran Interpreted – A translation by A. J. Arberry”. Note that only a part of  the audio book is released so far.

In author’s words:

I saw the need for an audiobook of a reputable translation, and one generally known to be accepted by Muslims and non-Muslims; so I went ahead and began this project recently with “The Koran Interpreted – A translation by A. J. Arberry”. You can download a zip archive of currently completed verses (in MP3) above at no cost to you. I am recording new verses on a regular basis, so feel free to check back here for updates. To play, I recommend something like iTunes or anything that supports playlists.

Find the source here:

Comments are welcome. Jazakallah.